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ANCRA is committed to providing the highest quality and innovative machines and tools for pipe working - without compromise.

Our pursuit of engineering and manufacturing excellence surpasses the most stringent standards set for the air cargo, general transportation and pipe tools industries. However, our greatest asset is the commitment of our staff to provide you the customer, with the most efficient and technically competent service possible, starting from your initial enquiries through to after sales service.

Should your particular needs not be met by one of our "standard" products, ANCRA offers a comprehensive technical consultation and design service as part of our commitment to servicing your needs. This service is offered free of charge and is part of our ongoing objective to help you maximise your efficiency and thus your profits.

Ancra International was founded in 1969 with your security in mind. We started with the mission to improve safety and security for the material handling industry and originally focused on the airline industry. We quickly realised that engineered products were needed in every market segment.

Through the use of superior design, quality materials and attention to detail, Ancra's advanced engineering capabilities raised product performance to a new level. Today, Ancra products are hard at work on land, in the air, and on the sea, serving all phases of the material handling industry.



A massive range of innovative Machines and Tools for PIPEWORKING.


From seat and restraint fittings to entire loading systems, Ancra represents the highest quality equipment at a reasonable cost.


With one of the broadest lines of cargo control products in the industry, Ancra can save you time and effort in finding just the products you need. Whether for flatbed or interior van, one click will put you into truck-stop shopping heaven.


Sometimes you need to transport a motorcycle, jet ski, or a sofa. It's still cargo and it still needs to be moved safely. That's where Ancra's consumer products shine.


If you move cargo by truck, plane, train, ship or van, Ancra designs and manufactures solutions that meet your particular requirements. Every component and assembly offers capacity measurements that reflect dependable, quality design and construction. Every product offers assurance that Ancra systems are engineered with an understanding of your requirements and a commitment to your safety. Ancra International remains at the forefront of our industry.