E-Flex Easy Flexitank


No Bulkhead Flexitank

  • The first and only flexitank that does not require bulkheads or special fitting requirements

  • Elimination of the cost of bulkhead - no need for wood, steel, polystyrene or other plastics used

  • The patented Liquatrans design with two bladders in the shape of a pyramid that prevents the movement of the liquid and makes the bulkheads obsolete

  • The patented Liquatrans bonnet design on the valve that preserves the cargo, acting as a second level of security

  • No need for carton in most cases due to thicker fabric and elimination of friction with the side walls of the container as there is no contact


No Sidewall Pressure

  • The first and only flexitank that does not exert any no pressure to the sides of the container

  • No more trouble with containers as no pressure is exerted to the sides of the container

  • Preferred by the shipping lines / container owners as it does not damage the containers

  • Relaxed selection criteria for containers, expanding the range of usable containers


Faster Heating Process

  • 3 times faster heating process compared to conventional flexitanks due to the unique design of the E-Flex

  • Tubes inserted into the E-Flex to speed up the process without contacting the cargo



Easy Fitting

  • Simple fitting procedure - can be fitted by 2 persons in 2 minutes

  • Taken out of the box, unrolled into the container, fastened by the lashings and ready to load

  • Lower labor cost for fitting


Adjustable Capacity

  • Capacity adjustment possible in the fitting process

  • Two sizes of E-Flex - 24,000 lt and 20,000 lt - able to accommodate all capacity needs

  • Problems related to lower than anticipated cargo solved with the help of lashings on the E-Flex


COA and AAR Tests Passed

  • E-Flex has passed the COA test with the most recent 2G requirements; has been able to take 2.38G instead of the required 2G

  • E-Flex has passed the AAR test; has been able to take the 4 impacts at different speed levels required by AAR


Technical Info

  • Volume : 16,000 to 24000 litres

  • Filling And Discharge : Bottom

  • Valve : PP 2" or 3"

  • Food grade materials; HACCP hazard analysis and critical control points determined

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E-Flex Flexitank
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