Spartan Drain Cable 5/8" x 75' Inner Core No.4 ( Model 300)

Spartan Drain Cable 5/8" x 75' Inner Core No.4 ( Model 300)
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The SparShine™ Advantage

Spartan Tool manufactures all of its drain cleaning cable using a proprietary type of wire that we call SparShine™.  Bright, shiny and attractive when it first comes out of the box, SparShine™ is more than just a pretty drain cleaning cable.  The specialty wire that we use to form SparShine™ is among the highest grade wire available from North American wire mills.  The "shine" of SparShine™ comes from a chemical process that impregnates zinc and other elements directly into the wire.  It is not a mere coating, and thus will not scratch or wear off over time. 


What SparShine™ delivers for our customers is first of all a drain cable that will not rust.  Whether in the machine's drum or on your storage shelf awaiting first use, SparShine™ will not succumb to the oxidation process that accompanies all other manufacturer's drain snakes.  Thus, it will never fail due to rust, which eventually happens to even the most careful operator's cable from our competitors. 


SparShine's unique manufacturing process also renders it resistant to acids and bases -- Liquid Plumber and Drano, respectively.  A normal drain cable will crystallize within a few days to a week of exposure to acids and bases.  This crystallization will cause quick failure of the cable the next time it is strongly torqued into a clog, either by shearing or kinking that cable.  But SparShine™ resists this process, dramatically extending the life of your cable even when the homeowner doesn't fess up to having used one or both of these common over-the-counter drain cleaners. 


Matched with Spartan Tool's unparalleled cable coiling quality control process, precision controlled in-process stress-relieving, and the exacting abilities of the most modern CNC coiling machines, Spartan Tool's SparShine™ drain cables cost a little more, but deliver far better return on your investment than any drain cables on the market through a combination of strength, exacting quality control and for the first time ever, addressing the two most common causes of drain snake failures. 

Inner Core vs. No Core

Drain cables come in one of two configurations: inner-core or no-core. The advantages of no-core cable are less weight and greater flexibility than the same cable with an inner-core. The disadvantage comes from having nothing inside the cable for it to grip down on when the cable encounters a blockage; thus no-core cable provides less overall drain cleaning power.


Spartan’s inner-core floats freely inside the outer cable for ¾ and 5/8 inch snakes, to ensure that they are flexible enough to shoot through most drain sizes. For small and mid-sized cables, where flexibility is a little less important due to the smaller diameter of the snake, one end of the inner core is fastened to the outer wire to prevent the inner core from sliding out of the outer wire. Our most popular .55 and .66 Magnum lines fasten the inner core to both cables ends, which helps it to provide Magnum’s speedy torque times.


Typically, drain snakes for the smallest lines and the smallest drain cleaning machinery – for sinks and tubs – are almost always no-core cables. This is to ensure that the cable can effectively maneuver through small diameter traps and sweeps commonly found in household bathrooms and kitchens. Thus, for small lines, flexibility is often the key, which means no-core cable.

In medium size lines and up, those lines 2 inches or greater in diameter, the drain cleaner can choose between inner-core cable and no-core cable. No-core cable will be lighter weight than inner-core cable, and will be more flexible. However inner core cables provide an important benefit for the increased weight and loss of flexibility. You see, drain cables are fundamentally long springs that, when they meet an obstacle in a drain line, swiftly compress or torque down on themselves, transforming this previously flexible drain snake into a stiffened rod. The actual breaking up or driving through a blockage comes by repetitively flexing the drain cables direct into the clog and allowing it to torque up into this stiff rod. Inner core cable substantially quickens that torque into the clog by giving the outer cable something to squeeze down against. So for a little more weight and a little less flexibility, the drain cleaner is able to clear drains more quickly using inner-core cable than he or she could using no-core cable.

In lines of 2 or 3 inches, the choice of speed over weight and flexibility is a personal choice. But in the very longest lengths of cables in the largest diameter snakes, the weight differential can be very dramatic – 40% in these instances. So for the Model 2001 and the Model 1065 in cable lengths 100 feet and above, most Spartan customers choose no-core cables due to the added weight of inner core. Of course these customers can save weight and improve torque times by switching to Spartan’s exclusive Magnum™ line of cable, which torques up more quickly than standard cable while coming in at 1/3 less weight.

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