Rems Akku-Nano

Rems Akku-Nano
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Rems Nano Battery Electric Pipe Cutter

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REMS Akku-Nano

Powerful, handy electric tool for cutting pipe and tubing. For trade and industry.
For the building site and the workshop.
Stainless steel pipes of pressfitting systems, carbon steel, Ø 12 – 28 mm
Copper Ø 10 – 35 mm
Multilayer composite pipes Ø 10 – 40 mm
REMS Akku-Nano – cutting up to Ø 40 mm. Ultra-light. Fast. Right angled. Chip-free.
Without outer burr. Dry.
Ideal for pressfitting systems
Right angled cutting, according to requirements
Chip-free, no chips in piping system
No outer burr, no damage to O-ring by outer burr
Dry cutting, no damage to O-rings from lubricants
Fast, prevents degradation of pipe material through overheating.

Mobile, battery-powered pipe cutting machine for fast, right angled cutting without outer burr. Handy and light, only 2.1 kg. Also for fi xing to the workbench or in the vice. Strong, torsion-free aluminium structure for right angled cutting. Easy cutting of the pipes by specially designed cutter wheel. Powered cutter wheel for fast cutting. Energy-saving in-feed due to ergonomically designed pressing lever. Cutter wheel protected against touching the back pressure rollers by in-feed limitation. Electronic charging status check with low discharge protection.
Pipe support
3 sturdy, specially arranged counter-pressure rollers made of hardened precision steel for low-friction turning and safe guidance of the pipes to be cut in the whole working range Ø 10 – 40 mm and for optimisation of the contact points of the cutting wheel on the pipe to be cut (Patent EP 2 077 175). No setting.
Robust, precision ball and needle bearing gears, maintenance-free. Powerful battery motor 10.8 V, with large power reserve, 270 W output. Super fast, e.g. copper pipe Ø 22 mm in just 3 s. Ideal speed 130 rpm for optimum cutting speed of the pipes. Safety switch.
Li-Ion technology
Battery Li-Ion 10.8 with 1.3 Ah capacity. Powerful and light. High energy density for many cuts. Overheating and overloading protection by temperature monitor (NTC). Rapid charger for short charging times. No memory effect for maximum battery performance.
REMS cutter wheels
Top German quality. Cutter wheels specially designed to the performance capability of the REMS Nano and for numerous pipe materials with variable cutting geometries for fast cutting with no outer burr. Specially hardened, from proven, through-hardened REMS die-steel, ensuring long service life.

Supply format

REMS Akku-Nano Basic-Pack. Electric pipe cutting machine for fast, right angled cutting of pipes Ø 10 – 40 mm, without outer burr. For pipes of the press fitting systems made of stainless steel, carbon steel, Ø 12 – 28 mm, copper Ø 10 – 35 mm. Multilayer composite tubes Ø 10 – 40 mm. With maintenance-free gear, powerful battery motor 10,8 V, 270 W. Speed 130 rpm. Safety switch. Battery Li-Ion 10.8 V, 1.3 Ah, rapid charger Li-Ion 230 V, 50–60 Hz, 65 W. Counter pressures rollers made of hardened precision steel. Single open ended wrench size 8.
Without cutting wheel. In carrying bag.
REMS Akku-Nano Basic-Pack. RM844011


Description Art.-No.
REMS cutter wheel Cu-INOX
for stainless steel pipes of pressfitting systems, copper, carbon steel

REMS cutter wheel V for multilayer composite pipes RM844051
Battery Li-Ion 10.8 V, 1.3 Ah RM844510
Rapid charger Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 65 W RM571560
Carrying bag RM574436
REMS Jumbo, folding workbenches  
REMS Herkules, material supports  

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