Sewer Nozzle Types

Jetter nozzles come in a variety of types that are designed to perform different tasks in the pipe. A drain cleaner may need several types of jetter nozzles in order to completely finish the job. Knowing which type of nozzle and their purpose can get the job done quickly and efficiently.  

Spartan nozzles are made of stainless steel or brass, ideal for removing anything from roots to soft blockages.  The degree of opening changes depending on use.  The 20 degree shoots more into the sidewalls of the pipe for better cleaning, but provides less pull and cornerability.  The 30 degree provides good cleaning and better cornerability for multiple bend pipes, while the 45 degree provides maximum pull and cornerability for complex piping configurations and long runs.

Below are some of the major nozzle designs and their intended uses:


Open Nozzle

An open nozzle has a small orifice in its tip that allows a stream of water to shoot in front of the nozzle, attacking soft blockages with a laser beam-like effect.  This type of nozzle is typically used for initial penetration of 3” - 10” sewer lines with medium to heavy stoppages. Forward jet stream helps break up obstructions before rear facing jets flush the debris down the line. Commonly used for deposits of grease and soap.  Available in 20 and 30 degrees.



Closed Nozzle

Designed for 3” - 10” lines with rear facing jets only. The closed front is the best option for pulling the hose furthest down the line. Commonly used for general cleaning tasks. Available in 20, 30, and 45 degrees.




Rocket Nozzle

Recommended for cleaning heavily compacted lines of silt, sand, or sludge in 3” - 12” lines. The orifices can be switched to make an open or closed nozzle 
depending on the operator’s requirement.



Sand Shoe Nozzle

A sand shoe nozzle is designed to be used in storm sewers and culverts with heavy sand buildup. They are heavier and flatter than standard nozzles because they are designed to tilt upward from the bottom of the pipe, shooting the rear-facing jets directly downward to liquify impacted sand, rocks, and debris and flush it from the pipe.

Q Nozzle-33

Q Nozzle

The Q nozzle is a triple-pointed nozzle designed to push debris forward, or "upstream" in a pipe. This nozzle is ideal for cleaning lines when you can't access the blockage from the lower side of the pipe.



Rotating Nozzle

A rotating nozzle operates like a standard nozzle except the center portion of the nozzle rotates. The rotating portion sprays the pipe wall, like a scrub brush in a drinking glass, ensuring that the total inside diameter of the pipe is being cleaned as it goes down the line.  These nozzles are great for grease blockages.



Warthog® Nozzles

Warthog® nozzles are designed to run at specific pressures and flows.  The nozzle has a forward oscilating orifice to clean any debris in its path, reward orifices to propel the nozzle in the line, and two spinning orifices which slow the nozzle for a superior clean. These nozzles can clear grease, soap, sand, and roots.

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Rotating Nozzles

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