The plumber’s die stock. Excellent start-cutting and threading

System advantage

Large working range up to 1¼" and up to 2" with only one ratchet lever. Only one type of small, compact quick-change die heads and only one type of dies. The same quick-change die heads fit all REMS die stocks and other suitable makes of die stocks. Efficient and easy stocking. No confusion possible.

Quick-change die heads

Proven technology, high-grade material and precise machining of die head, dies and cover form a unit and ensure an excellent start-cutting performance and easy threading. No stalling of dies. Long, precise pipe guidance for perfect pipe centering. The chip holes which become wider at the outside enable good chip flow and clean threads. Quick-change die heads S for cutting pipe threads in hard-to-reach areas.

Ratchet lever

Robust. Ratchet lever in steel, thickly plastic coated, for convenient operation. Serrated plastic handle for secure grip. Easy adjustment of ratchet rotation. Perfect, secure seating of quick-change die heads, fast and easy change.


The proven, indestructible REMS quality dies with precise cutting geometry ensure an excellent start-cutting performance, easy threading and clean threads. Dies in a high-quality special-grade steel, fully tempered and hardened, for extremely long die life.

Thread-cutting oil

REMS Spezial. Specially developed for threading. High cooling and lubricating effect. Essential for clean threads and longer service life of dies, tools and machines.


Efficient with REMS Nippelspanner ⅜ – 2"

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BSPT 1/2" - 1.1/4"
NPT 3/8 -  2"

NPT 3/8 - 2"

Conduit M 16 - 32
BSPT 1/2" - 2"

BSPT 1/2" - 2"



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